The word “Mauser” can refer either to the German weapons manufacturer, the Mauser-Werke Oberndorf Waffensysteme GmbH, or to the series of bolt-action rifles the Mauser-Werke manufacturered for the German armed forces. Mauser exported their design to several nations, so identification of the nationality of a Mauser rifle is important for collectors. Mauser also manufactured a series of pistols and semi-automatic rifles which are much easier to identify than the ubiquitous m and m series rifles. Examine the rifle for an import stamp located along the barrel; this stamp should state the weapon’s caliber, model and country of origin. Many imported rifles are stamped according to federal regulations and that stamp will settle your identification process quickly. Examine the rifle for any other identifying markings on the receiver and on the stock; the original armorer may have stamped the rifle with markings identifying the factory of manufacture.

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Yes, of course take it out for the day, and lift its skirts, because this means it not being ‘stood up’ Many, but not all, of our pages carry date information on the various rifles illustrated or discussed, where it has been possible to be sure of data. There are a number of methods by which a rifle can be dated, or at least bracketed between certain years of manufacture.

Parts on Husqvarna made rifles are not numbered to the same extent as on rifles made by Mauser or Carl Gustaf. A few weapons that are assembled by pupils at.

Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Model 98 Mauser. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Does anyone have any idea of the value of this rifle? Last edited by pkuptruck; at PM. It also appears on war material made at factories under Steyr supervision, such as the Radom factory in Poland. It is called a ‘Waffen Amt’.

Dating a mauser k98. The truth about online dating

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Israeli K98 Code War Time Code for The Mauser Factory Date: Calibre: mm. Serial No: n. Price: £ – Sold. As the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The Karabiner 98 Kurz often abbreviated Kar98k , K98 , or K98k was a bolt action rifle chambered for the 7. The Karabiner 98k therefore continues to appear in conflicts across the world as they are taken out of storage during times of strife. The Karabiner 98k was derived from earlier rifles, namely the Mauser Standardmodell and the Karabiner 98b, which in turn had both been developed from the Gewehr Since the Karabiner 98k rifle was shorter than the earlier Karabiner 98b the 98b was a carbine in name only, a version of Gewehr 98 long rifle with upgraded sights , it was given the designation Karabiner 98 Kurz , meaning “Carbine 98 Short”.

Karabiner 98k from the collections of the Swedish Army Museum. The Karabiner 98k was a controlled-feed bolt-action rifle based on the Mauser M 98 system. Its internal magazine could be loaded with five 7. The straight bolt handle found on the Gewehr 98 bolt was replaced by a turned-down bolt handle on the Karabiner 98k. This change made it easier to rapidly operate the bolt, reduced the amount the handle projected beyond the receiver, and enabled mounting of aiming optics directly above the receiver on the Karabiner 98k.

Each rifle was furnished with a short length of cleaning rod, fitted through the bayonet stud. The joined rods from 3 rifles provided one full-length cleaning rod. The metal parts of the rifle were blued , a process in which steel is partially protected against rust by a layer of magnetite Fe 3 O 4. Such a thin black oxide layer provides minimal protection against rust or corrosion, unless also treated with a water-displacing oil to reduce wetting and galvanic corrosion. Originally the Karabiner 98k iron sight line had an open post type front sight, and a tangent-type rear sight with a V-shaped rear notch.

Mauser Identification By Serial Number

For firms like Mauser Oberndorf to engage in military rifle production. Stoeger contract mauser sporter barrel markings. The Czech government arranged to buy a complete production line for the Gew 98, parts on hand, and all work in progress.

All of this combined with the fact that the Mauser K98 is one of the best bolt actions Mauser, Obendorf- S/42 above date ; J. P. Sauer- S/ above date.

Bangor, Maine – Ammoland. The K98 was the standard issue rifle for one of the most notorious and violent regimes in history, Nazi Germany. The rifle went on to see use in other conflicts after World War Two and was even used ironically by the Israelis. The K98 is also regarded as one of the finest military bolt action rifles in history. The Gew 98 action was the final product of several years of development and earlier Mauser designs such as the Model , , and rifles.

The Gew 98 proved to be a reliable weapon but it was long and heavy. Carbine versions of the Gew 98 had been issued in smaller numbers to specialized German troops during World War One but they never became standardized. Following the war both FN in Belgium and the Czechs began producing a shortened version of the 98 Mauser called the Model The Model was sold all over the world and was a success.

To get around the Treaty of Versailles the Standard Modell was intended for export rather than domestic sale, however some of these guns were bought within Germany. This rifle had a turned down bolt handle, and had the same barrel length as the Standard Modell. Further improvements and changes were made to the Reichspost Rifle which resulted in the K98 rifle, which was adopted as a the standard rifle of the German Army in K98s were produced by a wide variety of companies including Erma, Mauser Oberndorf, J.

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The Gewehr 98 abbreviated G98 , Gew 98 or M98 is a German bolt action rifle made by Mauser firing cartridges from a 5-round internal clip -loaded magazine. It was the German service rifle from to , when it was replaced by the Karabiner 98k , a shorter weapon using the same basic design. The Gewehr 98 action , using a stripper clip loaded with the 7. The Gewehr 98, was introduced into German military service in , replacing the Gewehr The bolt-action design was the latest refinement of the design patented by Paul Mauser on 9 September Mauser was already selling similar design weapons to many other countries, and had supplied less advanced Mauser rifles to the German Army from to

WWII K98 dated This is a Second World War Portuguese contract Nazi K98 that was manufactured by Mauser in The receiver bears t £

Laminated stock: 4kg. Left to fire, right to safe, center to load. Markings: With few exceptions, every K98 was stamped with manufacturers’ code and date on top of receiver. Bianchi collection. In June , the German army adopted the Mauser Karbiner 98 kurz as the standard service rifle of the German army. It remained in service until the end of the war in May Eleven years in production produced over 14 million K98s, and out of the 14 million produced, there are over combinations of maker codes and production years.

All of this combined with the fact that the Mauser K98 is one of the best bolt actions designs of all time, makes the K98k one of the most collectable rifles of WWII, and perhaps of all time.

Help me date my CZ Mauser

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cal, Rifle New listing K98 k TRIGGER GUARD German WWII Mauser 98k a great example of the German Army issue dated German G71 Mauser.

I have Banner Mauser with no apparent date. Serial ‘s match on receiver, barrel and bolt B, It has four proof marks on side of receiver, all identified as Suhl Germany according to blue book. Looks like something over a B. And of course it says Standard-Modell on side of receiver. It is in excellent shape.

There doesn’t appear to be any marking on the stock but it could also have been refinished. It still has a cleaning rod and has a bayonet but ‘s do not match. I hope these will help. As originally manufactured, a Standard Modell would have a straight bolt handle and no provision for a cut-out in the stock. The stock on this rifle looks to be for a different commercial Mauser rifle, a Banner. In addition, based on the color, the handguard is a replacement. The sling is reproduction and the sight cover is not correct for this rifle.

Lot 370: Mauser ‘S/42’ Code 1937 Dated K98 Bolt Action Rifle with Bayonet

This is a superb condition Polish, Radom manufactured Beryl-M22 semi-automatic rifle, chambered in. This is a rare Israeli K98 ex sniper rifle chambered in 7. This is an un-fired as new condition Ruger Mini 14 straight pull rifle, cambered in.

The Karabiner 98 Kurz (often abbreviated Kar98k, K98, or K98k) was a bolt action rifle 98k was a controlled-feed bolt-action rifle based on the Mauser M 98 system. Karabiner 98k receivers were stamped with a factory code indicating date.

The 98K bayonet was designed to be mounted on the 98K Mauser rifle. There is a version of the 98K bayonet that was created for parade use only. Not meant for combat. The bayonets came with grips manufactured of bakelite and wood. This practiced was maintained for most of the war time. The scabbard was made of metal. A frog stud is placed near the throat area. The finial consists of a “ball” shape structure. It was in this section that “eagle” shapes formed by lines were commonly applied.

Additional markings on the scabbard were placed in the throat area. They included year, serial number and manufacturer’s identification. The forg was made of leather. Tropical versions, like the ones used by the Afrika Korps, were often made of khaki color canvis.

Mauser K98 (Russian Capture)

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